Introducing RAS Workspaces: The simplest, most effective way for accounting professionals to collaborate and communicate with their clients.

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All-In-One Solution:
Document Management, Workflow, Messaging and Reporting

Why use RAS Workspaces?

RAS Workspaces is a revolutionary web application for accounting firms to collaborate with their clients. You will be able to easily share insights, exchange documents, effectively communicate and streamline tasks. Instead of using standalone document management systems, business intelligence tools or workflow products, RAS Workspaces combines these essential functions to position your firm for future success.

RAS Workspaces will empower your firm with simple and tailorable tools to each of your client's requirements. You can count on our proven track record of world class support to make this solution a reality.

For AccountantsFor Business Owners

Improve client retention and satisfaction

Don't lose Revenue opportunities and offer value-added services

Stop missing deadlines during financial close and tax season

How does it work?

RAS Workspaces is a powerful but simple tool for your firm. You can login to quickly see a snapshot of all your clients or choose a client to work with one-on-one. RAS Workspaces has 6 key components:

Document Management

Store and Share files


Launch hosted applications


Key performance reports designed to be created quickly


Efficiently message all your clients


Simple Workflow management and to do lists

Remote Assist

Two way screen sharing, chat, file transfer



Manage workflow and create to-do lists for your clients


Quickly and Easily create & compare performance reports for your clients

Document Management

Securely store, access and share documents with your clients

Remote Assist

Remotely assist clients and view their desktop


Post secure messages and reminders to one or more of your clients at a time


Launch hosted applications and embrace the power of the Cloud

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